About Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan III

Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan III was born in Esiama on Friday 28 of December, 1984 in a leap year to Mr. Samuel Kakuteen Andoh and Madam Mary Muah. He was named Nwozah (literally mean “Holy”) and later christened as Enock Nwozah Andoh. Capricornus by the star sign and the fourth born son of five siblings: Esther Nyamekehese Andoh, Ebenezer Ennor Andoh, Daniel Ntiakoh Andoh and Samuel Kakuteen Andoh.

Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan attended the Seven day Adventist School (S. D. A) in Esiama for primary education and continue with manye academy in axim, Nsien Senior Secondary, diploma in Theology and a Certificate in cisco networking and Kings University College in Accra for Bachelor in Administration (BSC/HRM). Spent all his childhood life in Esiama, then move to Axim after his secondary education to work, being a friend to a son of the Low Axim paramount Chief; Awulael Atibrekusu III, spent most of his stay in Axim in the palace learning the traditional tenants of the Nzema people and later move to Accra to ply his trade there. Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan is married with children!

Royal blood runs through the veins of Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan because both father and mother are from royal families of two popular towns in the Wassa and Nzemaland; father is from the royal lineage of Wassa Amenfi and mother from Ainoo-Kwagyan Royal Ezohile family in Esiama. Moreso, the mother’s father Mr. Eduku Muah was then the Chief of Salman community in the Ellemebelle Municipality.

Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan III is the sitting chief of Esiama community, one of the major towns in the Ellemebelle District, in the Western Region of Ghana. It coordinates are: 4o55’58. 0’’N 2o20’49.0”W and an elevation of 18m (59ft)1 with a population of about 25,000. Esiama is within the mining and Oil area of Ellemebelle Municipality in the Western part of Ghana West African. Esiama is the center of attraction and a haven for business, religion, tourism, mining, Electricity Distribution Station, Gas Distribution Station and rising star.

Until he was called home to be enstooled as the Chief of his people in Esiama traveled around the world doing business in football as agent for players, physical instructor and as merchants of goods. The demise of the then king of Esiama warrant that Enock Nwozah Andoh being enstool as the king (chief) on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at the forecourt of the palace and parade through the principal streets of Esiama for the fun fair with the stool name/title “KING AINOO-KWAGYAN III”, in the local Nzema dialect as “Belemgbunli Ainoo-Kwagyan III”.

Currently, Nana Ainoo-Kwagyan is a board member of Nzema Kotoko football Club, division one league Club in Nzema; Ghana. The C. E. O. of Nkrumah Stars, a juvenile Club based in Esiama and C. E. O. of Nana Ainoo Kwagyan III Foundation which main objectives are to give voice to the voiceless and providing the opportunity for them to reach their potentials.

Nana Ainoo Kwagyan has won many awards ranging from National Association of Nzema Student as patron. End Point Homeopathic Clinic as ambassador promoting healthy lifestyle among his citizenry and native. Funtomfrom Amandze Award 22 for promoting the Kundum cultural festival in Nzema and around the world. What more can we say that God bless your reign and give you the wisdom needed in every situation to execute your God given assignment.

Let it be said of you after Nana Ainoo Kwagyan III has serve God’s purpose in his own generation he was buried with the kings as was said of the greatest king of Israel David:

“Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed” Acts 13:36 NIV

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